About us

BOMATUR is a family owned company started in transport business in 1978 as “Usługi przewozowe Bogusław Matlak”.

Transportation experience in Poland and abroad is a strong foundation of our business.
Due to the high quality of service BOMATUR is becoming more and more powerful in the market.

International standards of the travel safety and comfort made the company a trusted carrier in EU and all over the world.


Improving, competent and knowledge makes that the service are always on the highest level.

Currently BOMATUR the owner runs with his sons. Family traditions continue to be enjoyed in tourism, coupled with a passion for travel and their coach work allows for an objective assessment of the skills of the drivers employed.

VIP class has been created for the demanding customers, coaches are equipped with luxurious equipment to improve the comfort of travel and the seats are more comfortable.


Refueling with BP card, Telepass device and satellite navigation system guarantees fast arrival.

Long-term cooperation with carriers has made it possible to arrange transport for up to a thousand people at one time. Such extensive cooperation also allows for quick resolution of problems in emergency situations.

BOMATUR is located on the highway Katowice - Bielsko-Biała 40 km from Cieszyn (near the Shell, KFC, Autogrill, Children's Playground, Mc Donalds).

The company has a large parking space where the buses can stop and arrange transfers. In the headquarter of our company you can find a workshop, office and driver's rest rooms.